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My name is Mike Holman ( http://mikeholman.com/  and http://mikeholman.info/ )


I am more than happy to share my experience in the Custody space within Financial Services handling products such as Trade Settlement, Cash, Corporate Actions, income & more for years. 


I have uncovered inconsistencies within the TBA (whose underlying securities are Mortgages) Reporting market. FINRA/SEC has passed a ruling allowing for greater transparency (the heart of Dodd Frank). More info is at my sites http://mikeholman.info/ , http://tbasecurity.info/ and http://mbssecurity.info/


I continue my work with further involvement in the Regulatory space using BI Tools such as Business Objects WEBI used by Social Solutions in their Efforts To Outcome ( ETO ) Application, MicroStrategy and QlikView. I am a Global Knowledge Certified Professional Business Analyst, Institute of Certified Bankers Certified Securities Operations Professional, New York State Teachers Assistant and trained New York State Security Officer. Of special note is that in the way of Information Security Governance, Risk and Compliance, I have used RSA Archer eGRC with Administration Access.


I have been on the phone with clients in Asia Pacific, Europe, South Africa, Western Hemisphere and Latin America at all hours to ensure timely settlement of trades in a Middle Office role as a Liaison between the Client and the Support Areas globally. Continuing my passion for Technology, I have worked within the Network space with VLAN and VOIP to further enhance the customer experience having a degree in Technology Systems from Pace University.


Having a foundation in running my own Communities (SharePoint, Bulletin Board Systems, Commercial Online Services from the then CompuServe and Microsoft Network to the now Facebook, Google Blogger, Twitter, Drupal and WordPress), helped me build and contribute to these Communities within the Enterprise.




Michael Holman


















Mike Holman








Bachelor of Science degree, Professional Technology Studies - Internet E-Commerce                                         


PACE UNIVERSITY, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems                            New York, NY


Associate of Science degree - Technology Systems                                                                                                 


PACE UNIVERSITY, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems                            New York, NY


Global Knowledge Training: Project Management Fundamentals, Business Analysis Essentials, Business Process Analysis, Requirements Development, Documentation, and Management for IIBA CBAP and PMP via BABOK PMBOK








Technologies:              VLAN, VOIP, RSA Archer eGRC, Microsoft SharePoint, Databases (MS Access, MY SQL), MS OfficeQlikview, MicroStrategyBusiness Objects WEBI used by Social Solutions in their Efforts To Outcome ( ETO ) Application, Lotus QuickPlace, Facebook, Google Blogger, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Drupal, WordPress


Financial Products:      Money Market, Derivatives, Repos, Fixed Income, Equity, Municipal Bonds, FXGlobal and Domestic Back Office Operations, Middle Office and Front Office Support of Trade Settlement, Cash Settlement, Income, Corporate Actions, Securities Lending








Global System Administrator (Contract)                                                                     February 2015 to Present


Colgate Palmolive, New York, NY





Analyst (Contract)                                                                                                        September 2014 to Janurary 2015


Related Companies, New York, NY







Senior Data Analyst                                                                                                         January 2014 to August 2014


Citigroup, New York, NY







Desktop Support and Facilities Administration                                                                  August 2013 to January 2014


Emerge212, New York, NY







Business Analyst, (Contract)                                                                                                  July 2013 to July 2013


SONY, 550 Madison Avenue New York, NY







Student                                                                               March 2012 to June 2013  


Global Knowledge Training, New York                                                                       







Business Analyst (Work moved to Mumbai, India),                                             April 2011 to February 2012


JP Morgan – Treasury & Securities Services (TSS), New York, NY







Finance and Accounting Analyst, (Contract)                                                      June 2010 to April 2011


JP Morgan – Investment Bank, New York, NY











Student                                                                      January 2010 to May 2010 


Global Knowledge Training, New York, NY                                                                      







Business Data Analyst, (3 Month Contract)                                                                  October 2009 to Dec 2009


Morgan Stanley New York, New York, NY







Student                                                                          May 2009 to September 2009 


Global Knowledge Training, New York, NY  







Operations Risk Technical Analyst, (3 Month Contract)                                            February 2009 to April 2009  


The Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, New York, NY









Strategy Support Specialist and Senior Coverage Officer (Full Time)                                             June 2006 to January 2009


JP Morgan New York, NY







Custody Officer (Full Time)                                                                                                                    April 2002 to June 2006   


The Bank Of New York  - New York, NY









Training Specialist (Full Time)                                                                                     March 2001 to March 2002


Depository Trust and Clearing, New York, NY


Delivered Training to the Financial Community, promoting awareness of DTC and NSCC core products. Maintained proficiency in DTC/NSCC core products such as Problem Resolution, Reconciliation, Deposits, Withdrawals, Reorganization (Corporate Actions), Settlement, Dividends, Continuous Net Settlement (CNS) and Automated Customer Account Transfer System (ACATS). Management (CRM) Peregrine Incident Tracking System.


Selected accomplishments:


·         Received company Rewards and Recognition certificate for excellence in handling the project management function of the roll out of the Financial Community Focus Workshop working with project managers. 


·         Received a company Reward and Recognition certificate for participation in a special Task Force that identified and resolved problems in dealing with online (PINS) and Call Center inquiries (logged on Peregine Systems) from the financial community.






Training Specialist (Full Time)                                                                                  December 1998 to March 2001


The Bank of New York, New York, NY


Assistant Treasurer and Training Specialist of internal and external customers in the U.S. and Europe on Banks Domestic Operations/Systems (ASP, TAS, FRB, MBS, Money Market, Fixed Income and Government versus Security Master CUSIP information) and Global Operations/Systems (GSP, IMMS and EuroClear versus Security Master ISIN information).


Selected accomplishments:


·         Personally trained the newly acquired Royal Bank Of Scotland/BNYE Group.


·         Designed training program on effectively implementing company’s On Demand Report system designed to improve delivery of historical data information to customers.


·         Designed Microsoft Access 2000 Database to track all participants in the Training Programs and Designed Query Reports for Monthly statistics and Trend Analysis.






Assistant Treasurer (Full Time)                                                                                 May 1988 to December 1998


The Bank of New York, New York, NY


Investment Manager Services Dept.


·         Served as Global Account Officer. Placed inquiry on Failing Global Currency and Security trades to offices in London and Belgium.  Requested Foreign Exchange transactions as needed. Sent Global Customer daily Reports on Failing Global Trades and Nostro Exceptions. Reported Customer Over limit Exceptions on Global Currency Credit Lines. Corresponded with Customers and Global Operations in New York, London, Brussels and Asia via phone and online Lotus Notes Server and Workstations.


·         Served as an Domestic Account Officer in Investment Manager Services. Investment Liaison between Customers Investment Managers and Bank Administration Run daily Online DTC Reports to confirm broker instructions to customer confirmations. Inform Securities Lending Administrator of customer requests to sell Securities that are on loan, so Administrator can call back the loan. Notify Investment Manager of various Corporate Actions (Called Bonds, Tender Offers, elections, etc.) and receive Investment Manager decision on Participation if needed.  




Foreign Exchange Support Dept.


·         Supervised Multi-Agreement Processing Unit (MAP) staff. Saved Foreign Exchange Department over $20,000 monthly through Process FX Automation, saving time by eliminating the need to use manual tickets as items were processed directly on the system.  Designed Global Trading Flow Charts with work flows for various departments outlining flow of work from Trading Front office system to Back Office main frame operations system. Compared System Specification of SWIFT transmissions to actually system-generated transactions received.  Processed Foreign Exchange Transactions. Handled FX confirmations via phone and Reuters. Checked customer FX Credit Limits. Processed Foreign Exchange Options, Swaps, Spot, forward, and Compensation deals. Processed transactions relating to Offshore Funding and Grand Cayman. Process funds Transfer transactions. Processed all transactions using CICS mainframe as well as Client/Server. Monitored System Status on VAX/MBX Terminal


Money Market Dept.


·         Local Data Security Administrator (LDSA) for Money Market Division,


Performed, ADD, DELETIONS, CHANGES to various Security Levels for Main


Frame Access. Performed daily Telecommunication logon via IBM PC to


Download customer transactions. Processed purchase and sale transactions of Money Market and Government securities for various customers directly on main frame systems using CICS. Wired funds using via FRB wire system. Processed customer deposits and withdrawals of U.S. Treasuries from the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.






























Mike Holman - Certified Professional Business Analyst